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First in the world

The first fully automatic bag wrapping machine in the world that does not require manual intervention throughout the “wrapping” process. The efficient design and wrapping techniques were successfully developed through various research and development (R&D) initiatives coupled with the various gaps learnt from the typical traditional bag wrapping machine that is lengthy and require a lot of plastic materials.

Our machine will reduce waiting time tremendously and increase volume of bags being wrapped.

The Technology

This new enhanced machine will outpace the current sealing traditional wrapping machine by productivity and sheer size. The innovation of Sealing technology is both unique and world leading. The modern design, machine and technology meets the highest International Airports standards and help to improve different areas in aviation industry. The sealing protects Baggage against:

  1. Smuggling – items being stored in your bag without your permission or/ knowing.
  2. Self Wrap– There has been instance where passengers try to save cost by wrapping their bags with cling plastics. Traditional Bag Wrapping Machine uses the wrapping technology where passengers can imitate by wrapping their bags using normal cling wrap.
  3. Theft – Once the seal bag is broken, one cannot find alternative plastic to seal the bag like the Sealing Machine.
  4. Damage – With SECURESAFE sealing, one can request additional another layer of wrapping for double protection to prevent damage.
  5. Loss – the possibility of missing bags will be minimized as the sealing will come with a traceable identification (Optional) by using currently available technology (off the shelf) tracing device.