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Baggage Protection

Protect your baggage with The first fully automatic bag wrapping machine in the world. Visit out kiosk for wraping service and others

One Layer Sealing

Protection against theft, luggage accidently burst open, mishandling, wear & tear, smuggling, foul weather(rain/snow)

Double Sealing with bubble wrap

Extra protection | Sealing Plus Bubble wrap | Extra protection | Care for your fragile item place in luggage / box


We provide multiple packages that can be used when travelling valid for one year. Visit our booth for detail

Machine Sealing Process and Capacity

The bag goes into the machine where the pre-installed “shrink foil” automatically wraps the baggage. The result is a piece of sturdy sealed baggage which allows the bag to be easily identified and still visible avoiding swap of bags upon arrival compared to a multiple plastic wrap which conceal the bag visibility

The Belt transports the bag through the entire seal process. The seal process is fast and efficient compared to the traditional machine that requires a lot of plastic usage which is not environmentally friendly and takes longer time to be wrapped. To retain the bag functionality, operator will remove a small part of the wrapping area at the bag handle and wheels.

The passenger is then set to go. Should the passenger prefer double protection, they can request a bubble to be wrap with additional cost. This whole process will take approximately 40sec and with the adoption of ”cashless” technology payment method (Optional). If it’s a cashier-based model, it will take approximately 1 min per passenger. 17


We also provide Merchandise for add on secure & protection

Brass Padlock

TSA Padlock

TSA 3 Dial Luggage strap indicator

TSA Combination Lock

TSA Loop lock

Box Strap Backpack

Cover Box Strap XL size

Suitcase Cover

Key Lock Luggage Strap

Luggage Tag

Foldable Bag packs

Foldable duffer bag

World Traveler adapter

Q & A

Most frequent question - Customer

We don’t foresee much complaints coming our way. However, should a complain arise and there is a need to refund the customers, we will do the refund, reseal or provide replacement of products. We  provide a 24/7 contact number for receiving of complaints.

In case the sealed luggage or item gets damage or broken before flight, we will reseal the luggage or replace the items complimentary.